3 Self-care Tips to Feel Cozy and Nourished All Winter Long

Winter is upon us—and in most places, that means spending more time indoors. 

The days are shorter, there’s less sunlight and it’s often colder. Sometimes, that can make us feel tired or less vital. The automatic infusion of energy we get just from being outdoors, active and in the sunlight goes away. It can be easy to feel cooped up or low-energy. 

I’ve found that shifting my relationship to self-care during the winter months helps improve my mood and boost my energy during this time.

It has even made the colder season something I love and look forward to! 

Below are a few things I’ve found that can make the winter season feel cozy, nourishing and pleasurable rather than cooped up, cold or gloomy.

Embrace a slower pace. 

We live in a society that encourages us to go fast—at least most of the time. Living at a quick pace can feel exciting and joyful—like one big adventure. But winter asks us to slow down. I often feel frustrated or drained when I try to keep up that quick, active pace during the winter. But when I embrace slowing down, I feel more in sync with the winter season. For me, slowing down might involve going to bed earlier while the days are shorter and easing up on the pressure to “produce” or get things done in my life. When I do that, a sense of coziness and peace opens up. 

Many of us don’t live close to nature, so it can be easy to lose touch with the natural rhythm of the seasons. But no matter where we live, we can choose to reconnect with these rhythms at any time. 

Winter invites us to move a little slower and get more rest. See what happens if you give yourself permission to use the winter season to recharge!

Find joy in the familiar. 

Studies have shown that our brains thrive on novelty. It’s that rush of joy we get from adventure and new experiences.  But novelty can be harder to come by, especially when the winter weather, shorter days and outside circumstances ask us to stay inside.  Instead of lamenting this indoor time, I’ve started cultivating gratitude for my home and finding joy in my routines there. When we slow down and pay attention, there’s so much pleasure in our familiar spaces and routines!  What’s familiar can be comforting. That might be your favorite teapot, a bedtime ritual, a workout routine you love or cooking and storing food for the week. 

Winter is the perfect time to tune into those familiar pleasures. Experiment with taking pleasure in what’s close to home—even if it doesn’t seem new and exciting.

Step up your self-care routines. 

With a slower pace and more time at home, we can create more time to take care of ourselves. Whether this means starting a yoga practice, taking naps or baths, reading books, or cultivating a skin care routine, it’s the perfect time to dig into what makes you feel nourished. 

In the winter months, try stepping up the way you care for your skin and body. For instance, you might try a steam with essential oils. It feels fantastic, especially when you’ve just come in out of the cold. Perhaps try exfoliating your skin and cleaning your pores and try our anti-wrinkle serum right after. Whatever you try, take the time to slow down, take extra good care of yourself and do the simple things that make you feel good.

What’s your favourite kind of self-care?

Those are just a few suggestions. We’d love to hear from you, too. 

Or did this blog post inspire you to start a little self-care? Let us know in the comments! 

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